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The World Wide Wrestling Alliance is a 25 years and running family-friendly professional wrestling organization based out of Colmar, PA.

In the world of wrestling, where bloody violence and adult content reign supreme, here we stand to say that you can have an action-packed show with enjoyable wrestling without having to succumb to those other methods.

The WWWA is expertly ran by President Dino Sanna, Vice President; Head of Marketing (and senior referee), Dan Haney as well as Vice President of Talent Relations Diamond Mike ESQ, MD.


Here in the WWWA the fan's opinion is paramount. We strive to give you the best we can and we can't do that without knowing what you want to see! So please take a few minutes and download one of our handy questionnaires listed below.

Print them and fill out and mail them to us at the address provided on the form or bring it with you to one of our WWWA Events and hand it to any of the WWWA personnel.

Click the link and select "save as"...

WWWA Questionnaire: MS Word .doc

WWWA Questionnaire: Adobe .pdf


How would you like to raise money for your charitable event, business or project while having a great night of entertainment all at the same time?

I thought so!

We bring you great, family-friendly wrestling entertainment at a reasonable rate to surely meet your budget while raising the funds you require.

Please contact us for more information by e-mail or, if you prefer, send us snail mail:

WWWA Fundraisers
PO Box 565
Colmar, PA 18915