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Bruno Sammartino, "The Italian Strongman" he has often been called "The Living Legend" of professional wrestling and is considered one of the greatest performers professional wrestling has ever known.
Born in Pizzoferrato, Abruzzo, Bruno moved to the United States and settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1951. Sammartino started wrestling in 1959. He headlined cards that filled Madison Square Garden on a monthly basis, and over 200 times overall, the most of any individual.
One of the most emotionally-charged feuds of Bruno's career was with current WWWA US Champion, and former Bruno student Larry Zbyszko.
In recent years Sammartino has publicly criticized the direction professional wrestling has taken, making reference to lurid storylines, over-the-top theatrics, steroid abuse, and the like. Sammartino has also refused entry into the  WWF Hall of Fame, as he feels it would be hypocritical to accept the invitation after all he's said about them.
Because the WWWA is a Family Oriented (Old School) wrestling company, Mr. Sammartino has aligned himself with the WWWA, and when WWWA President, Dino Sanna asked Bruno to become it's 1st Commissioner he was more then happy to sign on.
The Commissioner makes visits to WWWA events from time to time, and is always happy to take a picture, and sign an autograph with old and new wrestling fans.