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Alere Little Feather is a female Native American professional wrestler. Once a regular on a local television show, wrestling was her calling. She began training in June 2002 at the Cruel School of Professional Rasslin', and made her professional debut in May 2003. In her short time as a professional wrestler, she has gotten the opportunity to wrestle all over the United States and also in Canada. Her main goal is to wrestle regularly in Japan.

Alere continues her training with various wrestlers at various training centers to continue improving and becoming the best versatile wrestler that she can be.  Alere can wrestle any style but prefers old school & technical wrestling best.  With her patented "Tomahawk Chop of Death" and Indian Deathlock variations, there is no stopping this young fighter from rising to the top and staying there!  Don't let her pretty face fool you....she's a fighter!

Since coming to the WWWA Alere has had some GREAT Matches with Former WWWA Champ, Little Jeannie, and is looking to get the gold around her waist.