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The Show Started with WWWA President Dino Sanna welcoming the Hall of Fame wrestler the "Boogie Woogie Man Handsome" Jimmy Valiant. Jimmy told the fans that he and Dino go back a long way, and he is happy to be up here with his trainers wrestling in this GREAT Federation. Boogie told the fans the Wrestling has changed since he started in the business 45 years ago, and it is great to see a company such as the WWWA still doing Old School Family wrestling events.

Match #1

High Impact Champion Arkham defeated Evan Nemo and Street Fighter Ken Andrews. Arkham gave Nemo the Zombie Maker. Andrews left the match early with the Original Hat guy after Hat Guy whispered something to him.

Match #2

Team Boogie vs. Team WWWA (Best 2 out of 3 matches) Fall # 1.
Ravage for Team WWWA defeated Psycho Rick Kelly for Team Boogie by pin Fall, after sweeping Kelly's legs out, and using the ropes as leverage to get the pin fall. Kelly had made a come back on ravage in the Corner, and SR Ref. Dan Haney pushed Kelly out of the corner. Kelly pushed the Ref , and went back to Ravage who was on the ground in the corner, but Ravage managed to pull Kelly's feet out from under him, and use the ropes to his advantage to secure the win for himself and Team WWWA

Match #3

Hat Guy informed the Fans that Ykushi was held up in customs and would not be wrestling tonight, but he had a back up plan. He called Street Fighter Ken Andrews from the back to team up with Watsumi.
The Pack, Johnny Law & Body Beautiful defeated The NEW Tokyo Terrors Watsumi & Ken Andrews. Law pinned Andrews after a double team Neck Breaker off the ropes.

Match #4

Team Boogie vs. Team WWWA (Best 2 out of 3 matches) Fall # 2 Picture Perfect Mike Williams for Team Boogie defeated The Heartbreaker from Team WWWA by pin fall. Heartbreaker went for his finisher the Broken Heart, and Williams reversed it into a back Slide for the win.

Match #5

Rikki Lane defeated Armageddon by DQ, when the Wolfman, Armageddon's Tag Partner came to ring side and attacked Lane. The referee DQ'd Armageddon for Wolfs actions.

Match #6

Team Boogie vs. Team WWWA (Best 2 out of 3 matches) Fall # 3 This was going to be a Non-Title Match, but the ever thingyy Mark Manson Told WWWA President, Dino Sanna that he wanted to put the Title on the line. The WWWA President agreed, and it was changed to a Title Match.

I.C Champion Mean Mark Manson for Team WWWA & Super Star Scotty Rocker for Team Boogie ended in a Draw, when both wrestlers failed to get to there feet by the count of 10 after giving each other a double close line. These two wrestler matched move for move and blow for blow, and just wore each other out.

Leaving Team WWWA 1 win & Team Boogie 1 win each and a draw.

That means neither Team had won the night so Dino Sanna, WWWA President and the Boogie Woogie Man, Handsome Jimmy Valiant decided to give the Fans one more match to decide the over all team winner. Valiant, suggested that they should have a 6 man tag team match to decide the over all Team winners.

Match #7

Title vs. Title (HW and World Title) H.W Champion Glen and World Champion Kage ended in a DOUBLE count out and fought all the way to the back room. No titles changed.

Match #8

Team Boogie vs. Team WWWA 6 Man Tag Match. Heartbreaker Tyler Syms for Team WWWA defeated Picture Perfect Mike Williams by pin fall after giving him a school boy. All 6 wrestlers were in the ring at the same time, when Team Boogie wrestlers whipped Team WWWA wrestlers out of the Corners so they would collide in the center of the ring. Heartbreaker reversed it, and school boyed Williams. The 2 other wrestlers for Team Boogie (Scotty Rocker & Kelly) had also school boyed the WWWA Wrestlers (Mark Manson & Ravage), and each thought they won for Team Boogie, when the bell rang ending the match. Sr. Referee Dan Haney, was holding Heartbreakers arm in victory, as He & Williams were the legal men in the ring at the time.

WWWA Wins the battle of the Teams 2 -1 with one draw.