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Match #1

DreamCatcher defeated J.C. Riley by pin fall after giving J.C. the Eye of the Hurricane. Note: This was the professional debut of J.C. Riley.

Match #2

T.S. Hammer defeated Trixter by pin fall.

Trixter had T.S. in a submission hold and thought T.S. had tapped out, but referee Ben Dover told them to continue and Hammer gave Trixter a DDT to get the win.

After the match Stu McKenzie, told the crowd that they had become tag team partners, and this was the final test, they are now known as The NEW Fabulous Freebirds!

Match #3

Intercontinental Champion Mean Mark Manson defeated Core by pinfall after giving Core the HATE PUNCH.

Match #4

Ravage defeated Armageddon by pinfall after Wolfman (Armageddon's partner) hit him with the tag belt when Ravage got out of the hold Armageddon had him in.

After the match Armageddon went after Wolfman saying Wolf hit him on purpose. He wanted to give up his 1/2 of the Tag belts, but WWWA President Dino Sanna told him he would not allow it. An absolute EXPLOSION ensued between Wolfie, Stu & Armageddon with everyone within earshot of Gilbertsville getting the message that Armageddon was no longer anyone.....except 03 can they possibly co-exist next month in a title defense?? Apparently 03 has gotten in Armageddon's ear, or is he just that bad after all?

After intermission, The ECW Hat Guy came to ring side and called Rodney X out and told him that he saw the potential in him, and he wanted to manage him. 03 Capone who was Rodney's former manager begged Rodney to stay in his stable, In the end Rodney jumped ship, and went with the Hat Guy....

Match #5

Outpatient Scotty Ice defeated Slambo the Clown by pinfall.

Before the match Scotty Ice went crazy when he heard that he was wrestling a clown. He has had a bad experience with clowns growing up, but has the win may have helped him over this fear? Time will tell.

Slambo went for a sunset flip back into the ring, and the Outpatient sat down on Slambo using the ropes to help him get leverage and the Ref. made the 3 count.

Match #6

The Pack (Johnny Law & Body Beautiful) defeated Alex Balbowa & Rob "All Day Long" Daily (The Development) by pin fall after giving them their patented "Pack Attack" finisher. They meet the IronHorse riders next month for the gold!!

Match #7

High Impact Champion Arkham defeated Evan Nemo and Rodney X by double pinfall. The Champ pinned Evan & Rodney at the same time after hitting his Zombie Maker on both opponents simultaneously. A stellar finish to a great match!