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Before the show WWWA President and Owner Dino Sanna greeted the fans and was telling them about Johnny Valiant wrestling at the 25th Anniversary Show June 10th at Zern's Market when Chuckie D came out from the back beaten and battered with a "legal" document from "Chuckie D's Mommy's lawyer" stating that they are suing Dino for control of the WWWA after his beating at the April show.

The WWWA President slapped Chuckie D in the face and told Chuckie that he was tired of his crap and he was going to finish it. He told the cheering fans that there would be a special match between Chuckie D and himself.

That's right! Dino Sanna WILL wrestle. Chuckie D wanted no part of it, but Dino threatened him with a suspension if he did not wrestle next month. Dino was interrupted again by the Rev. Diamond Mike Esq. M.D. and Jack Hammer. The good Rev. told Dino that he was back and demanded a title shot for his wrestler. Jack Hammer is a former World, Heavyweight and Intercontinental title holder in the WWWA. Diamond Mike told Sanna to "stick to making Pizzas and I'll stick to making champions". 

Match #1

Armageddon Defeated Gran Akuma by pinfall with a Skorpion Death Drop.

Match #2

High Impact Title Match

Champion Rodney X defeated Arkham by pinfall after 03 Capone, Rodney's' manager gave X a foreign object to hit Arkham with. Nothing seems to change.....

Match #3

Ravage defeated Rob DreamCatcher by pinfall after giving the Indian his finishing move the dreaded Spear.

Match #4

World Title Match

Kage jumped in the ring and blind sided Arion with punches and boots. After pulling him out from the ropes Kage picked Arion up for a vicious spinebuster as the ref counted 1-2-3........Your new WWWA World Champion is Kage........there's more behind what really went down with this match!


The Wolf's Den (formally known as Capone's Corner). Wolfman wanted to interview his tag Partner Armageddon when Sr. Ref, and Championship Committee member Dan Haney entered the "Den". He reminded the fans about the vote that took place on the WWWA web site (who would control the Corner/Den). The vote ended up tied so the committee member had a meeting, and decided to schedule a tag match June 10th for control of the corner/den. The match will be Wolfman & Spaz McKenzie vs Kage & 03 Capone. Winner gets the corner. That should be an interesting match up, considering that 03 Capone isn't a wrestler, and Spaz was at one time.

Match #5

Triple Threat Tag Match

The Gemini Trojans made their debut in the WWWA and defeated The Pack and East Side Bad Boyz by count out as the referee counted the 3 teams out, One of the Twins rolled into the ring to beat the 10 count and secure their 1st win in the WWWA

Match #6

Heartbreaker Tyler Symz defeated Big Punisher by pinfall after giving Punisher the Broken Heart. Punisher's partner C- Murder was tossed from ring side by SR referee Dan Haney after Heartbreaker was seen on that mat holding his face and telling the Sr. ref. that C-Murder hit him as Punisher was distracting the referee. C- Murder protested saying he was set up by Symz and never touched him. He was tossed anyhow.

Match #7

Intercontinental Title Match

In the Gilbertsville Street Fight WWWA IC Champ Nitro defended against Mark Manson in what was to be the craziest match of the year. Chuckie came out before the match started begging Dino to cancel the match stating that Manson has snapped and has really gone crazy. Then out comes Manson carrying a steel chair. As soon as Ka-Sha and Nitro made their entrance, Nitro pushed Ka-Sha out of the way as Manson came charging at Nitro. Manson & Nitro pummeled each other inside and outside the ring using chairs, doors, forks and railroad spikes. Chuckie D continuously provoked Ka-Sha from opposite sides of the ring. Ka-Sha finally had enough and dared Chuckie to enter the ring. Chuckie D and Ka-Sha clashed when Ka-Sha gave Chuckie D the Gothic Gore. Ka-Sha & Chuckie D rolled around the ring exchanging blows until Manson entered the ring and pulled Ka-Sha off Chuckie by her hair. Then Manson gave Ka-Sha a tombstone piledriver and laid her out in the middle of the ring. At the same time, Chuckie got out of the ring and backed up right into Nitro's grasp. In one of the most shocking endings of the last 3 years, Manson attacked Nitro and DDT'd him outside the ring on a steel chair in seconds to capture the WWWA Intercontinental Title. We believe this will not be the end of this phenomenal feud. As Nitro & Ka-Sha were left by the ring, Manson and Chuckie celebrated all the way back to the locker-room. As Manson disappeared behind the curtain you heard him utter these words "The Hunter is now the Hunted". No truer statement has ever been said by a WWWA Champion. For as Manson said those words, you could see the look of insanity and hunger come across the face of Nitro as the reality of loosing the belt set in.

Your new WWWA Intercontinental Champion Mean Mark Manson.

After the match, Manson and Chuckie D were celebrating the win, and Chucking was mouthing off as always when Dino Sanna came up behind Chuckie D and hit him with a Chair. Sanna then started beating the crap out of Chuckie D on the Arena floor as the fans started chanting "Dino's hardcore". Chuckie D was helped into the backroom after the beating. You gotta know Chuckie's Mommy will have something to say about her little boy getting the tar kicked out of him by the WWWA owner.

Fireworks are on tap for June 10th to be sure.