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Before the 1st Match, WWWA President Dino Sanna was addressing the crowd when Bodacious Brad interrupted and told Sanna and the fans he was taking time off, and would not wrestle tonight. Mean Mark Manson, and Chuckie D came to ringside to and stared mocking Brad calling him a baby, and a 2 bit no talent wrestler. Then Manson & Chuckie D attacked Brad. Sanna & Sr Ref. Dan Haney finally got control and as Manson & D left the ring the Bodacious one took the mic and told them they just started something that he would finish later, and decided he would wrestle after all.

Match #1

Love Bug d. Mongoose with a DDT. Mongoose complained that Love bug put his legs on the ropes to get extra leverage on the pinfall.

Mr. Sanna came to ringside, and called out Ykushi and the ECW Hat Guy. He told the two that Ykushi could no longer duck a re-match that the fans have been waiting for for months. Out from the Back came Hall of Fame Wrestler Nikolai Volkoff & his manager Nikita Breznikov. Ykushi & the ECW Hat Guy went ballistic, telling Sanna they were not wrestling the "OLD MAN". Dino let Ykushi know that if he left the ring, he and Hat Guy were FIRED.

Match #2

Ykushi defeated Hall of Fame wrestler Nikolai Volkoff by DQ. The ref saw Volkoff with a chair getting ready to hit Ykushi. Nikolai told Sr. Ref. Dan Haney that Ykushi brought the chair in the ring, and he took it from Ykushi when the ECW Hat Guy, Ykushi's manager had the ref distracted.

Match #3

High Impact Champion Rodney X defeated Arkham & Ken Andrews. Rodney X pinned Ken Andrews after hitting Andrews w/ a kendo stick, after O3 Capone, Rodney's manager, had the ref. distracted.

Match #4

Tag Champions, the Ironhorse Riders (Wolfman & Armageddon with Spaz McKenzie) defeated The Pack (Johnny Law & Body Beautiful) Wolfman finished off Johnny Law with a Timberslam. Wolfie played possum acting like his ankle, which he broke July a year ago, was re-broken.

Capone's corner was another barn burner. Capone called Wolfman out and told him and the WWWA Fans that Wolfman is a old man, and a has been. Wolfman showed Capone just how much he had left in him.. He beat Capone down in and out of the ring, and gave him a timberslam. Then Wolf Armageddon, and Spaz McKenzie renamed Capone's corner to the Ironhorse Rider's Corner, taking over the show.

Dino Sanna called Heavyweight Champion Glen Osbourne out and told him the re-Match between Arion & him would not be happening as Arion is still in rehab from a knee injury. Glen told the fans that he would put his title on the line for the fans, and challenged anyone in the back room. As Osborne was talking to Sanna and the fans "Heartbreaker" Tyler Symz came out of the fans w/ a chair and hit the champ with it. he told Glen and Sanna thet they could "consider the challenge accepted".

Match #5

Bodacious Brad (reborn into Ravage) d. Mean Mark Manson by pinfall Chuckie D., Manson's manager was sticking his nose in the match, and Manson grabbed Ravage for Chuckie to hit him with his signature phone. but stopped short when he saw Ravage got free. Manson & Chuckie were collecting themselves after the near screw up, and when they turned around Ravage speared both, and then pinned Manson.

Match #6

Kage d. Nick Castle by pinfall. Castle complained to Sr. Ref Dan Haney that O3 Capone, Kage's manager, gave Kage a foreign object to use on Castle. Solid match through and through.

Match #7

H.W Champion Glen Osbourne d. Heartbreaker Tyler Symz w/a Claw slam.

Next WWWA Card is Sat. April 1st in Wellsboro, PA at the Wellsboro Area High School. Living Legend & WWWA US. Champion Larry Zbyszko will head line this event. and there will be a Ladies title match. See the card flyer on the front page of this website.