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The Show Started with WWWA President Dino Sanna welcoming the Fans to the 25th year Show, and promising the fans some surprises. Then the music hit, and out came Pretty in Pink, Chuckie D, and Mean Mark Manson. Chuckie D told the fans that his “mommy” was on the phone and would not let him wrestle the WWWA president unless the match was no DQ’s. Dino Sanna took the mic, and accepted the challenge. After that Mr. Sanna introduced Luscious Johnny Valiant. Valiant told the fans that he has not wrestled in years, but would come out of retirement tonight to wrestle on the 25 Anniversary show. He also told the fans that he would do his best to give them a great match.

Match #1

Armageddon defeated Evan Nemo.

Armageddon took on the new comer to the WWWA, and made short work of it. Giving Nemo a reverse DDT to get the win.

Match #2

High Impact Title Match.

Champion Rodney X Defeated Johnny Law and Slambo the Clown. Rodney pinned Slambo.

The match started with Slambo out powering Law, then Rodney X on the lock-up but Slambo went to the well too many times and Rodney ducked the lock-up and Law was waiting in the wings with a clothes line, Slambo was double teamed most of the match, when Johnny Law and Rodney weren't turning on each other. It was pretty much a free for all till Rodney threw Law outside, received a foreign object (which the ref didn't see) from his manager 03 Capone and hit Slambo with it while the ref was distracted by Body Beautiful (Laws’ Tag partner. Rodney then got the pin in the middle of the ring. During the match Body Beautiful and 03 Capone went at it outside the ring giving the fans even more action.

Match #3

Jack Hammer pinned Dream Catcher after giving him a Timber slam.
During the match Rev Diamond Mike held the Native American Dream Catcher, and Hammer took a Pineapple the good reverend had. The 6’9” Hammer went to hit Dream Catcher with it, and Catcher moved, and Diamond Mike was knocked silly and fell out of the ring. Hammer Scooped Dream Catcher up, and gave him a Hammer slam for the win.

Match #4

Arkham pinned Grand Akuma. In a fast paced match these two great wrestlers gave the fans their moneys worth trading move for move. In the end Arkham did a hand spring off the ropes into a reverse DDT to get the pin

Match #5

Special Tag Match (Winner get control of the Capones Corner or the Wolf Den). Wolf Man & Spaz Mc Kenzie took on Kage & 03 Capon (03 & Kage showed up in a limo) In a non technical match 03 Capon would only get into the ring when Spaz or Wolfman were worn down by Kage. 03 could never keep the advantage going. Wolf got a ball shot from Kage, and then Kage rolled him up for the win. So you would think Capon would get his corner back, right. You would be wrong… In the language of the match contract Wolf had added that Capon would have to pin him in order to get his Corner back. Wolfman offered capon another chance next month at Zerns to get his corner back by wrestling him one on one, and Wolf would do it with one hand tied behind his back. The WWWA championship committee is taking the match under consideration, and will render its decision on the WWWA web site shortly.

Match #6

Special Grudge Match. WWWA President Dino Sanna (in his 1st match) defeated Pretty in Pink, Chuckie D in this No DQ match. Chuckie had out side help from Mean Mark Manson, and when Mason went to hit Sanna who was being held by Chuckie with a chair, Dino moved and Chuckie got hit. The Referee for the Match Sr. Ref Dan Haney gave Manson a Ball shot for interfering, and The WWWA President rolled up Chuckie to get the Win.

Match #7

IC Champion Title Match. I.C Champ Mean Mark Manson defeated Ravage by pin fall after giving Ravage a HEART PUNCH while his hand was wrapped with a Chain. Given to him by Chuckie D.

Match #8

Main Event. Luscious Johnny Valiant pinned Ykushi.
Ykushi jumped the superstar before the bell, but could not keep the momentum going. The ring veteran Valiant reversed Ykushi into the corner, then close lined Y, and giving him the final blow an elbow drop for the win.