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Match 1

New comer to the WWWA, Steve the Teacher defeated another new comer Shatter by pin fall after hitting his opponent with a school book when the referee was distracted.

Match 2

Out Patient Scottie Ice and Armageddon ended as a double count out in the ring.

Match 3

Slambo the Clown defeated Rob Dream Catcher by pin fall with the Big Top Drop.

Match 4

Ladies Tournament Match

Tina Marina and Alere Little Feather ended in a NO Contest when Hat Guy sent Out Patient Scottie Ice & Evan Nemo to pull both ladies out of the ring to cause mayhem in the match again.

Match 5

High Impact Title Match

Champion Arkham, defeated Rodney X, and J.C Riley. Arkham hit his patented ZOMBIE maker on Riley to get the win.

Match 6

I.C. title Match

Champion, Ravage defeated Evan Nemo with a Spear to defend his title.

Match 7

Tag Team Title Match

The Pack defeated The New Age Fabulous Free Birds with the Pack Attack. Johnny Law pinned J.P Dumont.