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Match 1) High Impact Title Match

Match 1:

High Impact Title

Rodney X defeated Arkham, and Champion Dream Catcher as Rodney pinned Dream Catcher, to become the NEW CHAMPION. He lost the title 5 minutes later back to Dream Catcher, when 5 minutes more was given by WWWA President due to complaints of out side interference. Dream Catcher pinned Rodney X after giving him the Broken Arrow to regain his title.

Match 2:

Armageddon defeated Shatter by pin fall after giving him an inverted DDT.

Match 3:

Ykushi and Johnny Law ended in a NO CONTEST. Due to out side interference, by their Manages, and Tag Partners.

Match 4:

Ladies Match

Cindy Rogers defeated Wolfette with her TCB submission hold on Wolfette. Wolfette also had Tina Marina to deal with who came to ring side with Cindy.
Match 5:

Tag Team Title Match

Crazy by Nature defeated Tag Champions The Pack to become NEW Tag Team CHAMPION. Evan Nemo pinned Johnny Law
Match 6:

Handicap Match

Molsonn made short work of Whack O Lantern & new comer Dark Shadows. Molson pinned both wrestlers after give then a Cinton bomb.
Match 7:

Dog Color, Last Man Standing Match

Ravage a former Student, and Tag partner of The Wolfman defeated his mentor when Wolfman could not get back up after a hard fought fight.
Match 8:

Heavyweight Title Match 

"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner defeated H.W Champion Heartbreaker Tyler Symz by submission, when Heartbreaker Tapped out when he was put in the Steiner Recliner.