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Match #1

High Impact 3 way Match

Arkham defeated Ken Andrews and Ykushi. Arkham pinned Andrews, and Ykushi was counted out.

Match #2

Mean Mark Manson d. Ravage w/ a clothesline, after Ravage missed the spear, and was dazed.

Match #3

Tag Champs, Ironhorse Riders d. Dogs of War. Armageddon pinned Nick Castle after hitting a reverse DDT

Match #4

Ladies Champ, Little Jeannie d. Katra w/a school GIRL.

Match #5

Harley Watkins d. Ykushi w/a power bomb.

Match #6

World Champion, Demetrius Arion d. Molsonn with a Top Rope Cross Body

Match #7

US Champion Larry Zbyszko & Kage was a Double D.Q as both wrestler hit the referee.