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Before the matches started WWWA President Dino Sanna was addressing the Fans, out comes Mean Mark Manson & Chuckie D. Chuckie D (dressed in pink) gave Mr. Sanna an Easter gift. He pulled out a set of Pink bunny ears and placed them on Dino's Head. Dino removed them and threw them at the colorful manager, and backed Manson into a corner. Chuckie told Mr. Sanna that they wanted a Easter gift from him in return and Dino knows what they want. Out pops Nitro the IC Champ and he gave Manson an IC Championship match for later that night.

Match #1

Dogs of War (Nick Castle & Night Prowler d. The Pack (Body Beautiful & Johnny Law Nick Castle pinned Body Beautiful after the Night Fall.

Match #2

High Impact Title Match

Champion Rodney X d. Ken Andrews & Arkham. Rodney Hit Arkham w/ the X Factor (Regal Cutter).

Match #3

Heartbreaker Tyler Symz and Ravage ended as a Double Count Out. Heartbreaker gave Ravage a number of head butts, and smashed his head into the turn buckle but nothing seem to phase him.

Match #4

Tag Team Title Match

Champions Iron Horse Riders (Wolfman & Armageddon) d. East Side Bad Boyz (C Murder & Big Punisher) Wolfman pinned Big Punisher.

Match #5

I C Title Match

Champion Nitro the Dark Priest d. Mean Mark Manson after hitting the triple Trifecta DDT. During the match Manson pulled Kasha, Nitro valet into the ring. Kasha retaliated by spearing Manson.

After the match Manson demanded that there 4 year feud end next month one way or another. Dino Sanna called for a no holes bared match May 6th at Zerns with pin-falls counting anywhere in the Town of Gilbertsville. Both wrestler accepted the match.

Match #6

Kage d. Ykushi with a Flying Spin Buster. Ykushi mounted a valiant fight with outside help from Hat Guy his Manager. 03 Capon Kage manager ended up being an equalizer to hat Guy, and Ykushi and Hat Guy ended up leaving w/ a lose in more ways than one.

Match #7

Title for Title Match

H.W Champ, Glen Osbourne and World Champion, Demetrius Arion ended as a Double DQ when both wrestlers head butted Sr Referee Dan Haney who was having a hard time keeping order from the opening bell. The Locker room emptied out to pull the two Champions apart. In the may-lay Pretty in Pink Chuckie D ended up getting his a$$ handed to him by most of the wrestlers that were there to pull apart the main event combatants