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The show started with WWWA President Dino Sanna welcoming everyone to the show. He started to talk about the Big show in Hazleton PA with w/ TNA superstar Scott Steiner on April 28th (see web site for more details) when Ykushi came from the curtains. He took the mic from the WWWA President, and told Dino he knows that Dino was behind him getting sent back to Japan. He told Mr. Sanna that he wanted a title shot tonight, but Dino informed him he was not scheduled to wrestle. Ykushi called out his manager The Original Hat Guy to be reunited with him. Then Ykushi introduced someone that he brought from Japan to be in Hay Guys Stable. He introduced Gyoza, and he is now part of the Tokyo Terrors along with Watsume.
After that, The Wolfman came to the ring to have Dr. Mickle sign off on his return to the squared circle. The Doctor told the WWWA President that indeed Wolfman would be cleared to wrestle tonight.
Match 1

Evan Nemo defeated Magnum XL by pin fall with the I'm a cutter. After the Match Evan and Hat Guy staring beating the crap out of Magnum, and Hall of Fame Super Star Nikolia Volkoff Came to Magnums defense clearing the ring, and to the fans delight knocked Hat Guy on his Ass.

Match 2

Burto Fabulous vs J.C Riley ended in a no contest due to out side interference.

Match 3

Armageddon defeated Gyoza by pin fall after a reverse DDT. Hat Guy was holding Armageddon, and Gyoza went to thrown powder in his face, but Armageddon got loose and Hat Guy took the powder to the face. The He DDT Gyoza for the win.

Match 4

High Impact Title Match

Rob Dream Catcher defeated  Shatter, Rodney X, and Champion Arkham to become NEW High Impact Champion. Dream Catcher pinned Arkham to capture the GOLD.

With 4 wrestlers in the ring at the same time Sr. ref. Dan Haney had his hands full. At times there were 2 wrestlers fighting out side the ring when the other 2 were in the ring.

The end came when Arkham hit his finishing move the Zombie Maker, but Dream Catcher turned the tables on the champion, and rolled him up in a small package to get the wing, and become champion. 

Match 5

Wolfman defeated J.P Dumont and Evan Nemo giving both the Timber Slam and then covering them together.

Before this match Wolfman called Dino Sanna out and told him he wanted to wrestle tonight. Dino informed Wolf that he was not scheduled to work tonight so there was no opponent available for him.  Wolf stated he was cleared by the Doctor to wrestle tonight and that's what he wants to do. Dino granted a match, but told Wolfman to go in the back, and drag someone out he wanted to wrestle. And that's just what he did. He came back with Evan Nemo kicking and screaming. As Wolfman was having his way with Nemo J.P Dumont came out to help. Wolfman turned the tables on J.P as well, and started whacking them with trash can lids. Then He gave both wrestlers his timber slam, and the ref counted 1,2,3 to give Wolfman the win.

Match 6

Tag Team Match

Slambo & Doink the Clown defeated Tag Champions The Pack. Slambo pinned Johnny Law. The pack hit their finisher "The Pack Attack". The referee was distracted by The Packs manager and father Wolfman, and Doink came in and hit Johnny Law, and rolled Slambo on top of Him as the ref. counted 3. Titles did not change hands as this was a non title match. The Clowns were not amused.
Match 7

Molsonn defeated Hangman Harley Watkins by pin fall after giving Watkins the Molsonn Bomb off the 2nd rope.  

Match 8 

I.C Title Match

I.C Champion Ravage defeated Ykushi by pin fall after giving him the deadly Spear.

This match was to be Title for Title,
WWWA Central 24/7 Unlimited /WWWA Eastern I.C Title Match . The Central Division Champion Out Patient Scotty Ice did not come to the ring when announced. Hat Guy, Scotty Ice Manager came and told everyone that his wrester weekend pass from the State institution was revoked. Ravage went ballistic at the news of not getting a shot to win the Unlimited title back, and he stared biting every one in sight. His long time friend and mentor Frank Cody got the Dog calmed down, and Hay Guy said he had a backup plan. He then called former I.C Champ,Ykushi to ring side. Dino Sanna approved the match after Cody agreed to the terms.

Ykushi who has been out of wrestling for a few months was rusty, and Ravage took advantage of that. He gave Ykushi his patented and Deadly Spear then covered him to retain his I.C title. As he was celebrating the win Gyoza  blind sided Ravage, and he went to town on the champion. Frank Cody jumped in to help his old friend. Hat Guy and Gyoza left the ring but forgot Ykushi, and Ravage stuffed an Egg Roll in his mouth for good measure. Talk about adding insult to injury.
Next WWWA Card is Saturday April 28th at Bishop Hafey High School in Hazleton PA. See "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner make is WWWA debut.