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Before the 1st match Kage came to ring side wanting to know where his manager 03 Capone was. WWWA President Dino Sanna told Kage that he will be gone for a while, but Capone made arrangements for him. With that the music hit and out came SMOKE. Smoke is a dead ringer for the Rock. Smoke told Kage that he can take him places he has never gone before, and would be happy to be in his corner if he wanted him.

Match #1

Watsumi the Rising Sun & Ykushi ended as a Double Count Out.

Ykushi was in the ring when he heard music hit that he knew from the past. With a puzzled look on Ykushi's face he then heard and saw his long lost Brother Watsumi announced as his opponent.

Y went ballistic and asked Hat Guy what was going on, saying "Watsumi is my brother", I cannot fight my brother"...Hat Guy said "just trust me" Hat Guy took Watsumi's Sword and Flag from him and the two Bowed to each other in respect, as Ykushi looked on in disbelief.

The match started and went back and fourth, and each wrestler matched Wrestling and Karate moves, and could not get an advantage over each other. The match ended up outside the ring going chop for chop. Both warriors were counted out. Hat Guy came and broke the two Brothers up and told them that he wanted to prove a point that the two should forget their past differences and should Tag up once again and reform the Tokyo Terrors.

With me (Hat Guy) in your corner they can capture the Tag Gold in the WWWA in no time. Both agreed and then Ykushi took his Brother over to his # 1 fan, and introduced Watsumi to him. Watsumi, gave the young fan the Japanese Flag and then showed respect by bowing to him. The Fan did the same.

Match #2

Between Evan Nemo vs. Arkham vs Champion Rodney X ended with a NEW Champion as Arkham pinned Rodney X after a hand spring off the rope into a pin.

Just before the bell Rodney X called Smoke to ring side wanting to know about Smoke managing him too, since 03 was Rodney Manager as well. Smoke came to ringside and told Rodney that when he (Rodney) grows up he would think about managing him.

Rodney X put his High Impact Division title on the line in a 3 way against Evan Nemo and Arkham. The action was nonstop from the opening bell with all three wrestlers in control of the match at one time or another.

The wrestling spilled outside of the ring for a period where the referee couldn't seem to regain control of this match. Finally, some order was restored and Evan Nemo got dumped outside the ring while Arkham took the offensive. Arkham was able to hit his patented "Zombie Maker" finisher on Rodney X, the ref counted 3, and the WWWA has a new High Impact Division champion-Arkham!

Match #3

Dream Catcher defeated Cowboy Dunk with a pin after a Frog Splash.

Match #4

WWWA East Division IC Title Match Champion. Mean Mark Manson defeated Ravage with outside help from Kage & Chuckie D Ravage when they entered the ring determined to win the Intercontinental title from "Mean" Mark Manson.

Manson and his manager, Chucky D, had other plans however. Both grapplers battled liked caged animals with neither one gaining a clear advantage. When Ravage whipped Mark Manson into the corner and then charged at him, the referee was out of place and got squashed, knocking him senseless.

This allowed Kage to run out from the locker room and interfere on Manson's behalf. Kage choke slammed Ravage, put Manson on top of him and Chucky D revived the ref. The dazed ref made the 3 count and Mark Manson retained his title.

Match #5

Jack Hammer defeated Durst by pinfall with a reverse Russian Leg Sweep after wearing down the WWWA Central Division Tag Champion.

Durst entered the ring accompanied by his WWWA Central Div. Tag Partner, Rikki Lane as they awaited the arrival of the massive 6'9" Jack Hammer with his manager, Rev Diamond Mike, Esq.

As soon as Hammer slid in the ring, Durst attacked with ferocious punches and stomps but to no avail. Hammer saw Rikki Lane giving his Manager trouble out side the ring, and took the pineapple the Good Reverend brought to ringside, and hit Lane with it.

The tide of the match reversed quickly seeing Durst taking a sound beating. Durst managed to get in some offensive, working over Hammer's left leg but was distracted by Diamond Mike standing at ring side. Big mistake! This allowed Hammer to execute his face first "Hammer Drop" to get the 3 count.

Match #6

WWWA East Division Tag Match. Iron Horse Rider & The Pack ended as a no contest when The Faction, WWWA Central Division Tag Champs, got involved in the Match attacking both teams.

The Faction claimed that the Iron Horse Rider are paper champions, and the only true WWWA Tag Champions were in the Central Division and that would be The Faction.

As the Match was going on inside the ring, a match was going on out side as well. Having enough of the Faction attacking The Pack. Wolfman & Armageddon along with their Manager Spaz cleaned house and threw them out of the Arena.

The Referee Called for the bell, and declared a NO CONTEST. After the Match Wolfman told the crowd that the reason he was sticking up for The Pack is Johnny Law & Body Beautiful were his long lost Children. Asking the fan this question. Why do you think they are called "The Pack" They are part of the "WOLF PACK".

Armageddon (Wolfman partner) did not seem too happy to be the last one to hear this revaluation and there maybe a rip in the Iron Horse Riders. Armageddon has a real hatred towards The Pack.

Match #7

Title for Title Match.

HW Champion Glen Osbourne defeated World Champion Kage by DQ.

Kage pinned Osbourne, but when the referee raised the arm of Kage a foreign object fell out, and the Referee DQ'd Kage. Titles stay put.