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After the National Anthem, President of Marketing, and SR. Referee Dan Haney was given the mic, Since Nov 11th was Veterans Day he asked any fan who is a Veteran or currently in the military to stand so we could honor them for serving our county so proudly.

After that, Haney informed the fans that WWWA President Dino Sanna would not be at the show, as he was in the hospital. Haney pointed to a card that was hanging up, and asked all the fan to sign it, and offer Dino Best wishes.

As the ring Announcer Tim Damiami was getting ready to announce the 1st match, 03 Capon came to ring side to complain that someone had parked in his “PERSONAL” Parking spot. As he was telling the fans that he was having the Truck with vol. Fire lights on it towed away so he could park is Limo, the Announcer took the mic, and told 03 and the crowd that it was his vehicle, and he was a volunteer firefighter. He then told Capone that he spoke with the Tow Truck driver, and let him know that he would get more money by towing a Limo then a truck, and that the Limo was gone. 03 jumped out of the ring as the crowd cheered.

Match #1

Out Patient Scotty Ice defeated Magnum XL with a torture rack into a Neck Breaker. Out Patient Scottie is 2-0 in the WWWA.

Match #2

Nick Castle Defeated J.C. Riley with a Bubba Bomb.

Match #3

High Impact Champion Arkham defeated Dream Catcher & "The American Nightmare" Evan Nemo. The Champ pinned Nemo after hitting his patented Zombie Maker.

Match #4

1st Ladies Semi-Final match. Cha Cha Defeated Alere Little Feather with a DDT to advance in the ladies tournament.

Capons Corner. 03 was running his mouth about Ravage from the month before. Ravage came out to find out what 03’s problem was and grabbed 03, and then Nick Castle part of the Central Division group known as the Faction came to ring side and attacked Ravage w/ 03 Cane, and handing Ravage with his Chain. Ravage had a Match in York on Oct 27th vs. Rikki Lane also from the Faction, and Castle was the special referee, but at that time no one knew he was part of the Faction. During the hard fought match Ref Nick Castle attacked Ravage helping Rikki Lane win the match costing Ravage a chance at a later date in getting a title shot against the WWWA central champs the faction.

Match #5

I.C. Champ Mean Mark Manson defeated Ravage with the hate punch.

I.C. Champ Mean Mark Manson came to ring side dragging referee Ben Dover with him as Ravage was sprawled out on the mat. Manson told Ravage he could have he I.C. Title shot now. Manson proceeded to beat the living hell out of Ravage taking him to the outside of the ring not caring for the rule throwing Ravage in to walls ladders and anything else he could get his hands on. Even a Gatorade bottle was used.

As a last ditch move Ravage put Manson in to a full nelson front russian leg sweep Ravage then went for his spear but Manson moved at the last moment with ravage spearing the corner post. Ravage turns around after hitting the ring post and Manson nailed Ravage with his hate punch after giving Ravage the thumbs down. After the match Capone and Nick Castle continued to beat Ravage. Capone broke his wooden cane in half by smashing Ravages hand.

The mauling continued to the parking lot until The Wolfman came out of the locker room to the parking lot to save Ravage

Match #6

Trixter defeated His Tag Partner T.S. Hammer. Dan Haney claimed that the fans were duped last month by these two when they joined to become the New Age Freebirds. He a$$erted his authority and made the two wrestle again much to their dismay. After the match manager Stu McKenzie announced that it was not Trixter that won this match up, but it was indeed J.P. Dumont, and Freebirds NEVER lose.

Match #7

The Pack, Johnny Law & Body Beautiful defeated The Tag Champ IronHorse Riders to become NEW Tag Champions. Armageddon laid down to get pinned. There has been friction in this group growing, and Armageddon came to ring side w/ 03 Capone at his side.

Match #8

Heartbreaker Tyler Symz defeated Heavyweight Champion, Glen Osbourne to become the NEW WWWA Heavyweight Champion. Symz had in the ring help from Guest Referee ARKHAM.

Before the match started Heartbreaker (HB) says he has had many title matches and SR. Referee Dan Haney has been the Ref for all of them. For some reason Dan won't count to 3 for him so tonight he has brought with him his own Ref. and out comes Mean Mark Manson. Haney said “no way” and out comes several more wrestlers - all of which get the no. Arkham's music hits and he heads out to the ring to thunderous applause. HB was against it. Haney took a fan vote and Arkham won, hands down!

HB and OSBOURNE went back and forth beating on each other until Heartbreaker took over hitting Osbourne with his breakersault. HB has the Champion down for the pin then Osbournes music hit and out came a man whom calls himself “Death” giving Osbourne second wind. The HW Champ came firing out until HB cut him off HB started pummeling him in the corner. Arkham tried to stop it but HB pushed him away a few times. On the third time HB went to hit Osbourne with a pair of bra$$ knuckles but Arkham blocked it and took them away as a referee should do. As Osbourne went after HB Arkham stunned the fans by spinning Osbourne around and nailed him with the bra$$ knuckles. HB laid on Osbourne for the 1-2-3. Little did everyone know that HB and Arkham were in on this together. The perfect plan that no one would have thought. Afterwards Mark Manson came to ringside saying that this was a special group of elite talent. Could these guys now be known as T.O.E. (the Triumvirate Of Evil)??