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The event started with WWWA President Dino Sanna wishing everyone a Happy New Year  and letting them all know this was the 25th Year of the WWWA. He informed all the fans that the 1st Cruiserweight champion would be crowned tonight and the fan all received a ballot to Vote on the name of that belt.

Match #1

1st Semi Final for the new Cruiser Weight Title (High Impact Division)
Rodney X d. Alex Balbowa w/ the X Factor ( Neck Breaker).

Match #2

2nd Semi Final for the new Cruiser Weight Title (High Impact Division)
Arkham d. Ken Andrews by pin fall after Kage came out w/ 03 Capone and gave Andrews a close line.

Match #3

Tag Champs, Iron Horse Riders d. Dogs of War. Wolfman gave Night Prowler a Timber Slam to secure the win for the Tag champs.

Capone's Corner was another hot show. Capone and his cronies Kage called out a body builder seen on ESPN. as they started to butt heads giving the fans hope that Capone would end up in a heap on the floor, Kage & Rage (body builder) hugged each other like long lost friends. Another henchman in the fold. Then Capone called out anyone that wanted to confront him, and out came Nitro w/ Kasha.. Nitro call Capone a 2 bit loser, and Rage took issue with the way Capone was being disrespected. In the end O3 ended up on his a$$, and and Rage & Kage did nothing about it.

Match #4

Kage d. Mean Mark Manson with a Spine Buster, after 03 Capone and Rage interfered, and made it a 3 on 1 match. Manson Manager Chuckie was not at ring side w/ Manson.

After intermission WWWA President Dino Sanna told the fans the name of the new Cruise weight belt would be High impact. that got 71% of the vote.

Match #5

Heart breaker Tyler Syms d. Ykushi with a Broken Heart. Hat Guy said this was his year to get the Gold back. Well 2006 started off as 2005 ended, with a loss.

Match #6

I.C. Champ Nitro the Dark Priest d Bodacious Brad w/ a DDT after Kasha, Nitro Valet ran the Bodacious one into the ring post. The Ref. Marco Polo was down after getting splashed in the corner.

After the match Nitro knocked out Marco Polo. The championship committee will be looking into Nitro actions.

Match #7

Cruiser Weight High Impact Division Finals

Rodney X Won by count out. Arkham, sWo Cruiser Weight Champ, and Rodney X, and Ken Andrews was added by WWWA President Dino Sanna due to the interference by Kage in the semi-final match.

Arkham, Ken Andrews and Rodney X were all on the outside of the right as Sr Ref Dan Haney counted to 10. (Andrews & Arkham on one side and Rodney X on the other side.)

As Haney turned to called for the bell to count out all 3 he saw Rodney X was back in the ring lying on the mat before the 10 count. The win was given to Rodney X as 03 Capone, and Kage were seen lurking outside the ring. Looks like Rodney is being added to Capone stable.

After the Match Arkham took to the mic and complained that the belt should not be handed out on a count out. he circled the ring 6 or 7 time line a lion on the prow. He told the fans, and the New Champ Rodney X that he wants a rematch with a special Guest referee, the referee he wants will be Nitro. WWWA President Dino Sanna agreed to it, and Nitro told Rodney X that he will have to EARN the belt in Feb, like he EARNED his IC title.