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Before the matches began for the evening President Dino Sanna was introduced and greeted with a standing ovation. It was two long months since Dino has been able to grace the WWWA ring due to a very serious illness. But this night was his.

He greeted the crowd and stated he was going to clean up all the shenanigans that has been going on since his absence!

Match #1

Armageddon vs. J.C. Riley

A mismatch from the very beginning. J.C. is a young upstart paying his dues in the WWWA squared circle and this match was a big bill! It started friendly enough with Armageddon casually allowing J.C. to place hi in a free side headlock. Then several attempted and failed shoulder blocks.

J.C.'s misery was soon ended as Armageddon leveled him with a Reverse DDT, picking up the pinfall victory!

Match #2

ChaCha vs. Alisha -- WWWA Ladies' Tournament

This was to be ChaCha vs. Alere Little Feather with the stipulation that if Alere were to win that she'd get 5 minutes with Hat Guy! But due to an illness Alere was unable to appear.  This made Hat Guy a very, very lucky man.

President Dino Sanna came out to the ring and confronted Hat Guy much to his dismay! Realizing he's been interfering in matches the last two months and being powerless to stop it he was going to tonight! ChaCha had to re-qualify for the Ladies' Title.. TONIGHT! She came to the ring and busted on Hat Guy for his interference and before we knew it the match was on!

The match was a hard-fought, back and forth, tooth and nail fight! The women traded punches, kicks and power moves the entire match! ChaCha finally caught Alisha with a Spine Buster and was able to roll her up for the victory - sealing her spot to move on!

Hat Guy came to congratulate her on her win but was met with yelling and stiff kicks to the body! And, to add insult to injury, she finished the beatdown with an Alere Little Feather tomahawk chop saying: "This is for Alere Little Feather!"

Match #3

Rob Dreamcatcher vs. Rodney X

Our friend, Hat Guy, accompanied his man Rodney X to the ring for his match about the spirit of the Native American people! The match was a back and forth exchange. Power moves, speed and aerial displays unmatched by most in this sport!

It ended as a double count out when Hat Guy interfered causing the combatants to leave the ring.

Capone's Corner

Capone was ready to enthrall the crowd when he noticed, at ringside, Cody. He called him up to the ring and began belittling him. The WWWA I.C. Champion and new SWO Unlimited Champion, Manson, arrived and confronted the retired Cody, calling him a chicken. Cody said that although he is retired he regrets never having the chance to face Manson. His words were met with a slap across the face.

Cody said he would not face Manson but would have someone who would and left the ring and the arena.

Match #4

Arkham vs. Body Beautiful

A match the fans weren't expecting. Body Beautiful is rarely seen without his brother, but the proud papa of the pack, Wolfman, was in the house to lend a had. And lend it he did.

The match was filled with plenty of contact. High flying moves and power. Wolfman took and advantage and grabbed Arkham's leg, tripping him then pulling him out of the ring under the bottom rope. Body Beautiful followed and the war raged on until the ref counted to 10.


After the intermission the ring was filled with the I.C. Champ Mean Mark Manson and his manager, the ever-cocky super freak in pink, Chuckie-D. They called out Cody who came without hesitation. They went back and forth several times as Cody goaded Manson into not only accepting a challenge but putting his I.C. strap AND Unlimited title on the line! And then the kicker.. career vs career!

The music hit and Ravage charged the ring!

Match #5

Mean Mark Manson (C) vs Ravage -- WWWA I.C. & SWO Unlimited Title Match

Manson was taken off-guard by his opponent and never quite got the match back. It was tooth and nail from bell to bell. During the course of the match an announcement was made that the SWO Unlimited title was now going to be a 24/7 championship! This announcement through Manson off and he was struck with a spear from Ravage!

After the three count the Outpatient Scotty Ice took an opportunity of a lifetime and hit the ring! He rolled over an exhausted Ravage using a mahistrol cradle and grabbed the quick 3 and the SWO Unlimited title!

Match #6

The New Freebirds vs. Crazy By Nature

T.S. Hammer and J.P. Dumont, the New Fabulous Freebirds took on Evan Nemo and Scotty Ice, Crazy By Nature in this tag team match. It began with the usual nuttiness by the escaped mental patients. But the Freebirds weren't having none of it tonight! T.S. Hammer planted Nemo's skull into the matt with a double arm DDT which sealed up the victory!

Match #7

Champion Tyler Symz vs. Glen Osbourne -- Heavyweight Championship Match

While watching this match you get the distinct impression that these two men do not like each other! The Beast brought his size and toughness and Symz brought his guile and skill.

The two battled like gladiators in this stiff competition. So hard in fact that the ring ropes had broken! Arkham rushed the ring, snatched the title belt, and knocked out the Beast with a stiff shot to the skull while the referee's attention was elsewhere!

All what was left ws a cover and a 1-2-3 for Symz to take the win!