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The Show stared with Dan Haney, President of Marketing & SR. Referee, greeting the fans and giving them an update on WWWA President, Dino Sanna who had wished everyone, through Dan, a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year and that he hoped to be back for the January 13th show at Zern's.

Match #1

Magnum XL def. Rob Dream Catcher by pin fall after giving him a super kick.

Match #2

Out Patient Scotty Ice and Even Nemo ended in a ring out when Scotty Ice snagged Nemo's mascot and Nemo was distraught over it. He turned the tables on Scotty by "peznapping" Scotty's mascot! They each, in turn, threatened mutual destruction of the others "pals" until the ref had no choice but to count them out.

After the Match The Original Hat Guy came to ring side. Stating he was "crazy with power" convinced both men to team up and form "Crazy By Nature" and he would manage them to gold in the WWWA!

Match #3

Heavyweight Champion "Heartbreaker" Tyler Symz defeated Whack O Lantern by pin fall with the Heart attack (Diamond Cutter).

Match #4

Cindy Rogers defeated Alere Little Feather by pin fall with a Swinging Side Slam after getting outside help from the Original Hat Guy.

Cindy Rogers entered the ring. Mercedes Martinez was introduced, but Hat Guy appears instead informing Cindy and the crowd that he bought off Mercedes and that Cindy would get a “bye” in the Women's Tournament first round.

Sr. Referee Dan Haney quickly interjected that he already knew of Hat Guy's plans and was able to arrange an opponent for Cindy Martinez.. ALERE LITTLEFEATHER! The music hit and Alere came to the ring as Hat Guy protested! Haney tossed him from the ring and the match was started.

The match started off with both women going back and forth until Alere decided to challenge Cindy to a test of strength. Cindy obliges and quickly turns it into a submission trapping Alere's head and arms. Alere manages to get out of it by using her feet to kick Cindy enough to release the hold.

Alere gets back at Cindy with two arm drags and a hip toss. Cindy goes to exit the ring, but is caught on the apron and yanked off the top rope in a quick choke that sent Cindy to the floor. Cindy goes to get checked and encouraged by Hat Guy until he sees Alere coming. Hat Guy and Alere get into a verbal exchange until Cindy comes from behind and levels Alere then hits her head into the ring apron before throwing her back into the ring.

Cindy then goes on a rampage of strikes and submissions. Alere comes back with a rolling variation of a death lock. Cindy manages to get out and levels her. Cindy attempts to suplex Alere, but it's blocked into a small package. It's countered and the two begin to roll around the ring and finally ends with Alere getting the advantage but Cindy kicks out.

Both women dizzy Cindy attempts a clothesline that Alere ducks then fires back with her own barrage of tomahawk chops and a neck breaker. Another pinfall attempt and Cindy kicks out. She follows up with a face buster on Alere who is whipped to the corner. Cindy charges and gets a boot in the face. Alere grabs Cindy and begins to set up for her Diamond Dust finisher. Hat Guy draws Alere's attention enough for Cindy to hit her swinging side slam for the win. Cindy and Hat Guy celebrated in the ring post match.

Alere complained to Sr. Ref. Dan Haney about Hat Guy's interference. Haney took the mic and told Hat Guy he was tired of him getting involved! He  informed Hat Guy that the WWWA was bringing Little Feather back in January and if she wins the match against Alisha she would get 5 minutes in the ring with Hat Guy. Hat Guy said he would not comply and Haney threatened him suspension if he did not wrestle Alere. Haney sweetened the pot by telling the fans they could go to the website and if they wanted it - Hat Guy would have to go for 10 minutes!

Match #5

Arkham defeated Ravage by pin fall.

Arkham was accompanied to the ring by Tyler Symz, leader of the T.O.E. Ravage and Arkham went back and forth and neither seemed to care about their own personal safety let alone each others. It came to the end of the match when Ravage hit Arkham with a spear.

Tyler Symz distracted the ref. when out of nowhere T.O.E. member, Mark Manson, ran to the ring leveling Ravage with a clothesline and then throwing Arkham's prone body on top of the Ravage for the win.

Match #6

Tag Champs, The Pack, and The New Fabulous Freebirds ended with all 4 men giving each other a clothesline and the match ending on a mutual 10 count and out.

Match #7

Armageddon defeated I.C. Champion Mean Mark Manson by DQ.

Armageddon took control of the match early and beat Manson from pillar to post. Just as Manson started his come back Ravage hit the ring looking Manson eye to eye then turning and punching Armageddon, getting I.C. Champ Manson disqualified from the match.

All hell broke loose between Ravage and Manson battling all over the WWWA Arena beating each other with bottles, oranges being thrown and smashing each other into the ring as well with chairs. The two battled back toward the changing area when Arkham and Tyler Symz attacked Ravage from behind and dragged him back to the ring to teach him and the rest of the WWWA a lesson. They beat Ravage with trash can lids and chairs finally leaving Ravage laying in the ring having to be carried out of the building.

Match #8

World Champ Kage and Glen Osborn ended in a Double DQ when both wrestlers Gave the ref a head butt and knocked him out cold. They both wrestled to the back room.